SUPL corporate responsibility is not just a duty, it's way of life. At SUPL, we believe in harmonious social development through our constant efforts towards upgrading the way of life of people.

Hence, we undertake various CSR activities that cover education, healthcare, preservation of heritage & culture, community welfare and environmental protection activities while ensuring a firm adherence to eco-friendly guidelines of the industry. The primary goal of these activities is to enable harmonious social development which in turn results in a better way of life for people and the community.


SUPL believes nature to be sacred, and we constantly strive towards its protection and betterment. To further that cause, we:

  • Participated and organized massive afforestation programmes by planting over 20,000 saplings.
  • Are responsible for the safari park at the Lions Club, Kolkata.
  • Actively promote the preservation and expansion of cow shelters in a wide range of locations.


We believe that education is the right of every person. SUPL takes pride in benefiting tribal children to receive basic education and educating almost 3,000 students each year. Our initiatives towards this are:

  • Regularly aiding and sponsoring over 100 'One-Teacher Schools' for rural and tribal areas.
  • Providing aid and supplies to numerous girl child for education and support.
  • Helping, supporting & providing relief to underprivileged children through Bal Seva Sadan at Rajasthan.

For more information on our CSR activities, visit https://www.ekal.org/in

Heritage Preservation

We care genuinely about our heritage and thus partner with various groups to preserve our roots and culture. For conservation, we:

  • Support panels of the exhibition for the preservation of the Vivekananda Rock Memorial, Kanyakumari.
  • Promote and aid the Museum of Chaityna Maha Prabhu at Gaudiya Mission, Kolkata.
  • Actively support and rally for the preservation of the historical statue of Lord Rishabhdev at Kundalpur, Madhya Pradesh.


Good health is a fundamental necessity of society, and we strive to share the responsibility to make sure that everyone receives their fair share. Thus, we:

  • Constantly conduct healthcare activities and sponsor hospital beds & equipment for free health check-ups nationwide to provide people with basic medical attention.
  • Provide X-ray Machine at the Lions North-Calcutta Hospital and Medical Centre at Kolkata.
  • Constructed a number of Clinical Research & Care Units.
  • Actively promote and provide MRI Machines to various medical centres.
  • Successfully supported the setup of the Operation Theatre at Shankar Nethralaya, Kolkata.


We succeed with the support of the communities we interact with. Our growth in business has been a total accumulation of the love and support we receive from our community and SUPL believes in whole-heartedly giving back. To promote the upliftment of society, we constantly:

  • Support an Old Age Home at Madhuban, Jharkhand.
  • Support numerous Safe Drinking Water projects.